Heat pumps have become one of the UK’s most popular ways of reducing energy bills for pools and hot tubs, both domestic and commercial.

The invertor technology that a heat pump uses is tried and trusted and basically quite simple. In effect it is a fridge running backwards.

The heat pump still uses electricity, but for every 1Kw it consumes, it produces roughly 5Kw of heat.

Dura Pro heat pumps from Golden Coast are manufactured using high quality components to produce an efficient and reliable pool or hot tub heater. They benefit from oversized, titanium heat exchangers making them highly resistant to corrosion by salt, chlorine and bromine.

Dura Pro heat pumps are able to provide year round heating capability.

The smart technology in these pumps means that you simply set the desired water temperature and the heat pump will run until that has been achieved. A pool will be swim-ready very quickly. The pump then shuts itself down until the water drops below a pre-set limit when it then turns itself on at a lower power setting and maintains the set temperature.

Duratech heat pump technology delivers considerable energy savings compared to oil or gas heating and will show an impressive reduction compared to traditional electric heating.

The energy saving that a heat pump can deliver will be maximised if it is combined with ways of minimising heat loss from the water as much as possible, such as one of our DEL pool covers.

For more information on Duratech heat pumps and support in establishing which size pump would be right for your client, please call Simon, our heat pump expert, on 01271 378100


Dura Pro

Dura Pro