An archived library of older Safety Data Sheets for products previously supplied by Golden Coast is available for you to browse
and print.

Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can download it for free by clicking here.

Safety Data Sheets can be saved or printed but please remember to check back regularly for updates and amendments.

SDS Terminology


78g Silicone Sealant
Ardex E90 Add Mix fro X7
Ardex F4 White Grout
Ardex Flex X77W White Adhesive
Ardex X7W White Adhesive
Ardex E101 Add Mix for F4
Ardion 101
Ardion 90
Arduflex 5000
Ardurit F4
Ardurit X7
Cepex ABS PVC Cleaner
Griffon ABS PVC Cleaner
Liquid PVC for Alkorplan
Liquid PVC Solvent for Alkorplan
Proteus Glue P40
PVC Solvent Cement
Proteus Keralastic Tile Adhesive
Rota Bond Adhesive
Tangit Solvent Cement 500ml
Wet ‘R Dry Adhesive

Pahléns Quinhydrone


Baqua Brite
Baqua Burst
Baqua Check
Baqua Clean
Baqua Floc Liquid
Baqua Floc Tablets
Baqua Out
Baqua Start

Bayrol Spa

Bayroklar Duo Tabs Comp 1
Bayroklar Duo Tabs Comp 2
Bayrolklar Spa Granules
Bayroplus Spa
Bayrol Super Slat Cleaner (Previously Decalcit)

Blue Crystal

Omega Test Liquid
Test Tablets


Adjust A Flo
Sunspot Spa Bromine

Commercial Bags

Aluminium Sulphate Ground
Aluminium Sulphate Kibbled
PDV Salt
Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium Bisulphate Powder
Sodium Bisulphate pH Reducer
Sodium Thiosulphate Penahydrate

Filter Media
Diatomaceous Earth

Guardex Chemicals

Floating Dispenser and Refill
Guardex Advantage Chlorine Granules
Guardex Advantage Chlorine Tablets
Guardex Advantage Combi Tabs C.1
Guardex Advantage Combi Tabs C.2
Guardex Blue Ice
Guardex Breakpoint Shock
Guardex Breakpoint Shock Express
Guardex Breakpoint Shock Rapid
Guardex Chlor-Out
Guardex EasiFloc
Guardex Higher Cal
Guardex Hydrobrome
Guardex Longlife True Blue
Guardex No Green
Guardex One Step Filter Cleaner
Guardex pH Decreaser
Guardex pH Increaser
Guardex Pool Surface Cleaner
Guardex Shimmer
Guardex SNAP Clear
Guardex SNAP Initiator
Guardex SNAP Tabs
Guardex Stingy Sticks
Guardex Stain and Scale Away
Guardex Sun Shield
Guardex Super Clarity
Guardex Swim Clear Stabilised Chlorine Granules
Guardex Swim Clear Ultra Stabilised Chlorine Granules
Guardex Spa Clean
Guardex Spa Filter Clean
Guardex Spa Foam Decreaser
Guardex Spa Hydrobrome Granules
Guardex Spa Hydrobrome Tablets
Guardex Spa Maximiser Plus
Guardex Spa Stain and Scale Away
Guardex Spa Shimmer
Guardex Spa Stingy Tabs
Guardex Spa Super Clarity
Guardex Spa Swim Clear Stabilised Chlorine Granules
Guardex Test Reagent No. 2 – Phenol Red
Guardex Test Reagent No. 3 – Acid Alkalinity
Gaurdex Test Reagent No. 3B – Alkalinity Demand
Guardex Test Reagent No. 4 – Neutraliser
Guardex Test Reagent No. 5 – Alkalinity
Guardex Test Reagent No. 8 – Water Hardness
Guardex Total A
Guardex True Blue Algaecide
Guardex Magic Tablets
Guardex Maximiser
Guardex Stain & Scale Away


Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets
Pulsar Tablets

Leisure Time

Bright & Clear (Pool or Spa)
Spa Defender
Spa Fast Gloss
Spa Foam Down
Spa Metal Gon


Fix a Leak
Leakmaster Leak Location Dye
Tub of Gold
Tuf Mix


303 Spa Cover Protectant / Wipes
Blue Horizon Jelly Cubes
Certikin Probe Cleaner
Conquest Powder
FiClor Above Ground Pool Starter Kit
Ionic Purifier Booster Tabs
Jolly Gel
Probe Cleaner
Springclene Acid Wash
Sundance Fabric Cleaner 32oz
Sundance Fabric Guard 32oz


Hydracoat Paint
Chloracoat Chlorinated Rubber Paint Thinners
Chloracoat Chlorinated Rubber Paint
Sischem Spa Fast Gloss
Swimmer Water Based Pool Paint


Palintest Chlorine (HR) Tablets
Palintest Copper LR Tablets
Palintest Ozone Tablets


Sauna Citrus Essence
Sauna Pine Essence


Cover Valet Spa Crystals – Cucumber Melon
Cover Valet Spa Crystals – Eucalyptus
Cover Valet Spa Crystals – Jasmine
Cover Valet Spa Crystals – Lavender
Cover Valet Spa Crystals – Lime Basil Mandarin
Cover Valet Spa Crystals – Pomegranate
Scentsations – Alpine Forest
Scentsations – Gardenia
Scentsations – Herbal
Scentsations – Honeysuckle
Scentsations – Musk
Scentsations – Peach
Scentsations – Spring Rain
Scentsations – Tropicana
SPAroma Capsules – Cherry Blossom
SPAroma Capsules – Citrus Burst
SPAroma Capsules – Eucalyptus
SPAroma Capsules – Florida Mango
SPAroma Capsules – Forest Glen
SPAroma Capsules – Gardenia
SPAroma Capsules – Lavender
SPAroma Capsules – Pear Delight
SPAroma Capsules – Pina Colada
SPAroma Capsules – Spring Mist
SPAroma Capsules – Tropical Paradise
SPAroma Capsules – Vanilla Crème
Spazazz Spa Crystals – Grapefruit Orange
Spazazz Spa Crystals – Green Tea Peony
Spazazz Spa Crystals – Kiwi Pear
Spazazz Spa Crystals – Lavender Palmorosa
Spazazz Spa Crystals – Musk Vanilla Jasmine
Spazazz Spa Crystals – Verbena Lime Coconut
Spazazz Tropical Beads Arubaorange (Energy)
Spazazz Tropical Beads Bahamaberry (Relax)
Spazazz Tropical Beads Capricolada (Sensuous)
Spazazz Tropical Beads Fijiapple (Crave)
Sundance SunScents Eucalyptus
Sundance SunScents Honey Mango
Sundance SunScents Jasmine
Sundance SunScents Lavender


Swimmer 10-11% Sodium Hypochlorite
Swimmer 10-15% Sodium Hypochlorite
Swimmer 1420 Chlorine Tablets
Swimmer 200g Chlorine Tablets
Swimmer Algicide
Swimmer Alkalinity Increaser
Swimmer Bromine Tablets
Swimmer Calcium Hardness Increaser
Swimmer Calcium Hypochlorite Granules
Swimmer Chlorine Reducer
Swimmer Chlorine Stabiliser
Swimmer Copper Free Summertime Algicide
Swimmer Floating Tablet Dispenser – 1.6kg
Swimmer Flowmore Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets
Swimmer Liquid Clarifier
Swimmer Liquid Filter Cleaner
Swimmer Multifunctional Calcium Hypochlorite Granules
Swimmer Multifunctional Chlorine Granules
Swimmer Multifunctional Chlorine Tablets
Swimmer Oxygen Activator
Swimmer Oxygen Tablets
Swimmer Phenol Red Rapid Dissolve
Swimmer pH Increaser
Swimmer pH Reducer
Swimmer Rapid Shock Calcium Hypochlorite Granules
Smart Sticks
Summertime Algicide
Swimmer Small Chlorine Tablets
Swimmer Spa Non Chlorine Shock
Swimmer Spa Refresh
Swimmer Spa Scale Inhibitor
Swimmer Spa Surface Cleaner
Swimmer Spa Waterline Cleaning Paste
Swimmer Stain and Scale
Swimmer Tidemark Cleaner
Swimmer Wintertime Algicide

Swimmer Reagents

DPD No1 Tablets Rapid
DPD No1 Tablets Standard
DPD No3 Tablets Standard
DPD No4 Tablets Standard
DPD No. 4 Tablets – Rapid
DPD No. 4 Rapid
Swimmer Phenol Red Tablets

Swimmer Spa

Essentials Spa Alkalinity Increaser
pH Reducer Spa Essential
pH Reducer Spa Increaser

Testing & Dosing

FROG Bromine Cartridge
FROG Floating Spa System Bromine
FROG Floating Spa System Mineral
FROG Mineral Replacement Reservoir
Spa FROG Mineral Cartridge
Spa FROG Mineral Purifier
Spa FROG Replacement Bromine Cartridge
Insta-Test 3
Insta-Test 5


Tylö Fresh Essence