Intelligent heat pumps.

Economically priced and suitable for all types of outdoor swimming pool, DURA and DURA+ heat pumps benefit from oversized  titanium heat exchangers making them highly resistant to corrosion by salt, chlorine and bromine  

Designed and constructed by specialist manufacturer Propulsion Systems, the entire line uses quality materials, setting them apart from other cost effective alternatives on the market.

Intelligent design of the units compressor, fan and ventilation provides a high coefficient of performance while operating noise is reduced to little more than a whisper.

Other key features include;

  • Dura and Dura+ models are suited to UK climate with the Dura+ able to provide all year heating capability.
  • Reverse cycle defrost.
  • R410a refrigerant ensures ‘green’ compliance.
  • Self-diagnostic control panel.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Titanium heat exchanger suitable for use with salt water.
  • Optional remote control.
  • 2 year conditional warranty.

All heat pumps save money, but this one is absolutely free.

With every purchase of a Swimmer Platinum Pool Kit made this summer we will include a Duratech Heat Pump at no extra cost. We’re sure that it’s an offer both you and your customers will warm to.

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