Duratech: Quality Heat Pumps at affordable prices.

Our range of heat pumps has been extended with the introduction of Dura and Dura+ heat pumps for domestic pools.

Suitable for all types of outdoor swimming pool installation, Duratech Heat Pumps are economically priced and feature the technology and high quality materials that set them apart from other cost effective alternatives on the market.

Features include;

  •  Extensive range to suit all domestic applications.
  • Dura and Dura+ models are both suited to UK climatic conditions with the Dura+ able to provide all year heating capability.
  • Excellent coefficient of performance (COP).
  • Reverse cycle defrost.
  • R410a refrigerant that does not contribute to ozone depletion and ensures ‘green’ compliance.
  • Self-diagnostic control panel.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Titanium heat exchanger suitable for use with salt water.
  • Dura+ capable of cooling for plunge pools.
  • Optional remote control.
  • 2 year conditional warranty.

For the trade installer, Duratech’s intelligent and compact design means installation is straightforward and intuitive. For example, the integrated pressure switch senses the water pressure and automatically starts the heater when the pump starts, and stops when the pump shuts off.

For owners, the quiet heat pumps offer easy operation – as standard.

Inbuilt with cold weather capabilities, Duratech heat pumps offer the opportunity for owners to extend outdoor pool use. While standard models work confidently from April to October – in temperatures as low as -5 C – Dura + heat pumps offer year-round use – operating at temperatures up to -10 C.

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