At Golden Coast we build our own Pool and Spa Control Panels that are designed specifically to a client’s instruction for a particular installation, either domestic or commercial.

Golden Coast’s bespoke control panel service starts with an efficient specification process that has been developed to save time and money. This quickly establishes what equipment needs to be controlled, so that a custom-fit solution can be created each and every time.

The control panels are appropriate for a wide range of installations from a small domestic pool to a commercial facility with multiple pools and spas, water features or specialist installations.

Golden Coast Pool and Spa Control Panels can control pumps of any type and size, blowers, heating, lighting and chemical dosing. They may be button operated, by touchscreen or wireless remote and can be set up for remote monitoring and control. The panels also include Variable Speed Drives for energy efficiency.

Please get in touch with a member of the team regarding your specific requirements.