EVA Optic ambient LED lighting

EVA Optic is a Dutch developer and manufacturer of LED lighting. Golden Coast are UK distributors of both their underwater and ambient lighting ranges.

The ambient range includes four Aqua HE LED Downlights and EVAline Aqua LED Linear Lighting. EVA lighting is used in more than 250 public swimming pools and sports centres and more than 1,000 private pools worldwide.

The Aqua HE LED Downlights have a number of unique advantages.

Rated at IP65 and chlorine resistant, the lights are suitable for all areas including a swimming pool hall.

They can be specified with Auto Temperature System (ATS) that senses when the lamps are running too hot and dims them back slightly. The difference in light output is imperceptible but prolongs the active life of the units by many years.

The units have a very low glare rate (UGR < 19) due to the unique micro prism cover, an essential safety feature in a pool or water park environment.

EVA Optic Intelligent Power Control (IPC) for multi-coloured RGBW lights ensures that the LED’s full capacity is used at all times and, due to the constant light output, the space is optimally illuminated regardless of the light colour.

EVA LED linear lighting is fabricated from clear anodized aluminium and available in two versions; EVAline and EVAline Modular.

EVAline is supplied as individual lights of a specific length whereas the modular system comprises a base unit connected to the ceiling with separate light modules connected to that at points where illumination is required. Spaces between the lights are then filled with matching cover plates. The system is supplied complete with cabling to carry the 220v supply and being of modular construction, EVAline can be configured to suit each unique location.

In either version, EVAline provides flicker free lighting to ensure athlete safety and performance.

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