EVA Optic underwater LED lighting

EVA Optic is a Dutch developer and manufacturer of LED lighting. Golden Coast are UK distributors of both their ambient and underwater lighting ranges.

The underwater range comprises five different models ranging in power from 10W up to 40W. They comply with IEC EN 60598-2-18 safety standards and are suitable for either commercial or domestic installations.

All EVA Optic underwater lights contain the same RGBW LEDs, even those with a fixed colour so the light’s colour need only be selected at installation when the electronics are connected. Should you want even more control, the RGBW Upgrade Kit will convert the unit to a DMX controllable multi-colour light.

The lighting can be controlled via a tablet or smartphone. There are standard colour changing programs, and customisable programs and it is even possible to link the lighting control to an audio signal for an immersive audio-visual experience.

EVA Optic Intelligent Power Control (IPC) for multi-coloured RGBW lights ensures that the LED’s full capacity is used at all times and, due to the constant light output, the pool is optimally illuminated regardless of the light colour.

The multi-angle light beams provide the optimum combination of powerful beam range and even illumination to the bottom of the pool and EVA LED technology ensures perfect colour mixing without glare.

The extreme long life and high efficiency of EVA LED underwater lighting deliver significant savings in terms of maintenance costs and energy use.

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