The PoolCop system is a new, innovative pool management solution designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of pool maintenance.

Permanent monitoring by the system and tailor-made maintenance routines ensure treatment and functioning based on actual requirements. You can expect to reduce chemical consumption by half and energy consumption by about a third while the pool benefits from improved water quality – a pool that is healthier and more pleasant for your customer to swim in.

PoolCop is able to automatically adjust cleaning cycles and pool refills. Filtration duration is systematically adjusted and energy consumption is optimised according to the needs of your pool.

PoolCop does everything possible to reduce the impact of the pool on the environment and in so doing, dramatically reduces your customer’s energy bills.

PoolCop is available in two formats. PoolCop Evolution is designed for domestic pools and the unit replaces the Multiport valve in the pump room. PoolCop Genesis is plumbed into the pipework and is suitable for both domestic and commercial installations.

Maintenance is the biggest sector in today’s wet leisure industry and, once installed on your customers’ pools, you can remotely monitor all of them from a central platform that receives alerts when something is wrong. This allows you to be more proactive with both servicing and preventative maintenance, which helps you, while reduced energy bills help your customers.

A recent addition to the PoolCop system is their Energy Meter.

The Energy Meter precisely measures the electrical consumption of connected equipment such as the filtration pump, the heating system, lights etc. and allows you to identify areas of poor performance or waste. From this information you can begin to make significant savings as the pool becomes more efficient.

In order to make the most of PoolCop’s ability to manage and control a pool, the installation of a variable speed pump would allow the system to make even greater energy saving.

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GC PoolCop Evolution

GC PoolCop Evolution

GC PoolCop Genesis

GC PoolCop Genesis