Why we took the decision to temporarily close Golden Coast.

When we closed Golden Coast on the 25th of March that was a choice we decided to make for a number of reasons, but it was our choice.

As a trade distributor, the government guidelines allowed us to continue to operate, but ethics and a moral obligation to our staff, our customers and indeed the whole country said that we should do what was right, not simply what was allowed.

Social distancing, or ‘lockdown’, is our best chance of containing the Coronavirus – along with hygiene and hand washing – but it depends on everyone sticking to the rules. If even a small number of people don’t follow the restrictions, then that has a disproportionately large impact on the effectiveness of the lockdown. We all have to do the right thing otherwise we put everyone at risk.

We simply felt that staying open was the wrong thing to do.

While this situation continues, we will be checking emails remotely so that we can still respond to your questions and queries.

Thinking about staying in touch with people while lockdown continues; staying socially close while we are physically separated, we plan to start a group on Facebook for people to share experiences and advice, thoughts and feelings or just to chat.

There will be a link to that on the Golden Coast Facebook page and we should have it up and running within the next day or two.

In the meantime, stay safe and I wish you well.