Energy efficient ways to heat a swimming pool

Whether you are heating an indoor or outdoor pool, an in-ground or above ground pool, the single most effective way of reducing pool-heating costs is to install a pool cover. The next step is to select a sensible temperature for the pool. 25.6 °C is recommended for competitive swimming but some pools are kept in […]

UV swimming pool water treatment

Chlorine or bromine treatment has long been the most common method of treating water in swimming pools however Ultraviolet, or UV water treatment systems are becoming increasingly popular, in part because they significantly reduce the need for chlorine consumption and therefore allow people to have an almost chlorine free swimming pool. UV Secondary Disinfection Systems […]

Control panels and automation for swimming pools.

Pool equipment is now more complicated than it has ever been and pool owners expect far more automation and simpler, even remote, control over their pool’s functions. They are looking to spend less time maintaining their pool; control panels and dosing systems are the way to satisfy that wish. Home automation, when it comes to […]