A comprehensive library of Safety Data Sheets for products supplied by Golden Coast is available for you to browse and print.
Call OHES 24-7 if you are in need of Emergency Advice on areas such as:

Transport Incidents
Accidental Releases
Chemical Reactivity
Chemical Behaviour
Environmental Threats
First Aid
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can download it for free by clicking here.

Safety Data Sheets can also be saved or printed but please remember to check back regularly for updates and amendments.

SDS Terminology

Supplying Explosives Precursors and Poisons.

Due to recent government changes in legislation, which come into effect on 1st October 2023, businesses supplying regulated explosives precursors and poisons to professional users and other businesses will need to take additional steps to verify the legitimacy of the professional user or business.

In accordance with this legislation, we are requesting that customers who purchase any of the affected products from us will need to complete an identification form here and return it to Golden Coast.

The form will require the following information:

•  The business customers name and address.
•  A form of photographic identification (typically the individual making the purchase).
•  A statement of the nature of the business acquiring the goods.
•  The business VAT and registration number.

For further advice and to view the full list of chemicals affected, visit the GOV.UK website here.


ABS PVC Cleaner 500ml
ABS PVC Cleaner 1 Litre
Aquamax Adhesive
Hydrotite Adhesive 20g
Innotech Underwater Sealant Light Grey
Innotech Underwater Sealant White
781 White Silicone
Underlay Adhesive
Underwater Glue
Uni 100 XT Adhesive 500ml
Uni 100 XT Adhesive 1 Litre
Wet R Dry Adhesive
WDF 05 Adhesive 250
WDF 05 Adhesive 500


Autodos Electrode Cleaning Agent
Autodos Probe Cleaning Fluid 230ml
Pahléns pH2 Buffer Solution
Pahléns pH7 Buffer Solution
Pahléns pH8 Buffer Solution
Pahléns pH9 Buffer Solution
Swimmer Quinhydrone
Probe Cleaner




Pool Blaster Catfish Cleaner


Alca Plus
Chlorifix 25kg
Chlorifix Shock
Chlorilong 5 Functions
Chlorilong Classic
Chlorilong Power 5
Chlorilong Ultimate 7 Bloc Tablet 1
Chlorilong Ultimate 7 Bloc Tablet 2
Chlorilong Ultimate 7 Bloc Tablet 3
Chlorilong Ultimate 7
Chlorine & Bromine Neutraliser
Chloryte with Antiscale
Decalcit Filtre
Decalcit Super
Filterclean Tab
Hardness Plus
Monthly Set 360g Sheet 2
Monthly Set 630g Sheet 1
Pepsin Cleaning Solution
pH 7 Buffer solution
pH 9 Buffer solution
pH Minus Liquid
pH Minus
pH Plus Liquid
pH Plus
Protect and Clean
Protect and Shine
Puripool Super
Quickflock Automatic Plus
Quickflock Liquid
Sodium Hypochlorite 5% – 20%
Soft & Easy Sheet 1
Soft & Easy Sheet 2
Spa Time Pipework Cleaner
Standard Chloryte
Superflock Plus
Varitab Sheet 1
Varitab Sheet 2

Bayrol Spa

Bayrol Soft and Easy Comp 1
Bayrol Soft and Easy Comp 2


Aquabrome Bromine Tablets

Commercial Bags

Calcium Chloride Flake (Calcium Hardness Increaser)
Cyanuric Acid Conditioner
Granular Salt
Sodium Bicarbonate (Total Alkalinity Increaser)
Sodium Bisulphate

Essentials Spa Chemicals

Essentials Filter Cleaner Powder
Essentials Spa Alkalinity Increaser
Essentials Spa Bromine Granules
Essentials Spa Bromine Tablets
Essentials Spa Cartridge Cleaner
Essentials Spa Filter Clean Sachet Immerse
Essentials Spa Foam Reducer
Essentials Spa Hardness Increaser
Essentials Spa Instant Filter Cleaner
Essentials Spa Liquid Clarifier
Essentials Spa Non Chlorine Shock
Essentials Spa pH Increaser 1kg
Essentials Spa pH Reducer 1.5kg
Essentials Spa Scale Remover
Essentials Spa Surface Cleaner
Essentials Spa Stabilised Chlorine Granules
Essentials Stabilised Small Chlorine Tablets
Essentials Spa Refresh

Filter Media

Eco Glass Media Grade 1
Eco Glass Media Grade 2
Eco Glass Media Grade 3
Filter Sand 16-30
Glass Bead Filter Media
Pea Gravel
Zeoclere 30 Filter Media


Calcium Hypochlorite Granules

Lifeguard Reagents

Lifeguard All In One Test Kit
Test Reagent 2 Phenol Red
Test Reagent 3 Acid Demand
Test Reagent 4 Neutraliser


Essentials Spa Fix’r Leak Sealer
Magic Lube
Swimmer Leak Sealer


303 Spa Cover Protectant
Acid Wash
Aquablanc A Combination Liquid
Aquablanc Combi Tablets 4.5kg Blue
Aquablanc Combi Tablets 4.5kg White
Aquablanc O2 Gentle Sachet A
Aquablanc O2 Gentle Sachet B
Aquablanc O2 Oxygen Tablets
Blue Horizon Jelly Cubes
DEL Lubricant
Duratech Evaporator Cleaner
Essentials Spa Cover Wipes
Essentials SpaGlo Acrylic Cleaner & Polish
Eyewash Station Small
FiClor 14g Mini Tablets
FiClor Antiscale
FiClor Bromine Tablets
FiClor Cartridge Cleaner
FiClor Chlorine Granules
FiClor Dry Acid
FiClor Multifunctional Algicide Copper Free
FiClor Soda Ash
FlocPac Super
Hanna TDS Calibration Solution
Kleenpool Longlife Algicide
Slat Cleaner
Sodium Hydroxide 32% pH Increaser
Sulphuric Acid pH Minus
Swirl Away
Triogen Activated Carbon


Chlorocoat Chlorinated Rubber Paint
Chlorocoat Chlorinated Rubber Paint Thinners
Swimmer Water Based Pool Paint

Palintest Reagents

Palintest Acidifying GP Tablets
Palintest Acidifying CD Tablets
Palintest Alkalinity (Alkaphot) Tablets
Palintest Alkalinity (Alkavis)
Palintest Ammonia Conditioning Reagent
Palintest Ammonia No.1 Tablets
Palintest Ammonia No.2 Tablets
Palintest Blank Std tube
Palintest Calcium Hardness (Calcicol) No.1 Tablets
Palintest Calcium Hardness (Calcicol) No.2 Tablets
Palintest Calcium Hardness Tablets
Palintest Chloride Tablets
Palintest Chlorine (Chloridol) Tablets
Palintest Chlorine (Chlorocol) Tablets
Palintest Chlorine HR (Acidifying) Tablets
Palintest Chlorine DPD No.1 Tablets
Palintest Chlorine DPD No.3 Tablets
Palintest Chlorine DPD No.4 Tablets
Palintest Copper (Coppercol) No.1
Palintest Copper (Coppercol) No.2
Palintest Cyanuric Acid Tablets
Palintest DPD Glycine Tablets
Palintest DPD No.1 Rapid Tablets
Palintest DPD No.3 Rapid Tablets
Palintest DPD No.4 Rapid Tablets
Palintest DPD Nitrite Tablets
Palintest Green 2 Std Tube
Palintest Iron LR Tablets
Palintest Manganese No.1 Tablets
Palintest Manganese No.2 Tablets
Palintest Nitratest Powder
Palintest Nitratest Tablets
Palintest Nitricol Tablet
Palintest pH 4 Buffer Tablets
Palintest pH 7 Buffer Tablets
Palintest pH 10 Buffer Tablets
Palintest pH Phenol Red Rapid Tablets
Palintest pH Pool Spa Tablets
Palintest Phenol Red Tablets
Palintest Phosphate No.1
Palintest Phosphate No.2
Palintest Photometer Chlorine DPD No.3 XT Tablets
Palintest Photometer Chlorine DPD No.1 XF Tablets
Palintest Red 1 Std Tube
Palintest Red 2 Std Tube
Palintest Red 3 Std Tube
Palintest Red 6 Std Tube
Palintest Red 9 Solution
Palintest Standard Conductivity TDS Solution
Palintest Sulphate Turb Phot Tablets
Palintest Sulphate Turb Tablets
Palintest Sulphide No1 Tablets
Palintest Sulphide No2 Tablets
Palintest TDS 442 LR Solution
Palintest Total Alkalinity Tablets
Palintest Yellow 2 Solution
Palintest Yellow 4 Solution
Palintest Zinc Tablets

PPG Deluxe

PPG Deluxe Algicide, Copper Free
PPG Deluxe Alkalinity Increaser
PPG Deluxe Calcium Hardness Increaser [10035-04-8]
PPG Deluxe Calcium Hardness Increaser
PPG Deluxe Chlorine Reducer
PPG Deluxe Decalcifier
PPG Deluxe Filter Cleaner Plus Granules
PPG Deluxe Hydrogen Peroxide 30%
PPG Deluxe Multifunctional 4-1 Chlori Tab [without Copper Sulphate]
PPG Deluxe Oxy Easy Pool and Spa
PPG Deluxe pH Increaser Granules
PPG Deluxe pH Reducer Granules
PPG Deluxe Slow Release Stablised Chlorine Tablets 200g
PPG Deluxe Stablised Chlorine Granules
PPG Deluxe Sulphuric Acid pH Minus 15%
PPG Deluxe Sulphuric Acid pH Minus 37.5%
PPG Deluxe Super Floculant [8 Socks with 5 x 25g Tablets]
PPG Deluxe Super Floculant
PPG Deluxe Waterline Cleaner
PPG Deluxe Wintertime Pure Pool

Sauna Essence

Sauna Eucalyptus Essence

Spa Fragrances

InSPAration Liquid Fragrances Gift Pack
InSPAration Liquid Pearls
InSPAration Wellness Gift Pack
Spazazz Spa Beads
Spazazz Spa Crystals
Spazazz Spa Elixirs
Spazazz Original and Escape Elixirs

Swimmer Chemicals

Swimmer 10-11% Sodium Hypochlorite
Swimmer 200g Chlorine Tablets
Swimmer 200g Multifunctional Chlorine Tablets
Swimmer Algae Destroyer
Swimmer Algicide
Swimmer Alkalinity Increaser
Swimmer Bromine Tablets
Swimmer Calcium Hardness Increaser
Swimmer Calcium Hypochlorite Granules
Swimmer Calcium Hypochlorite Granules (CPC)
Swimmer Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets
Swimmer Chlorine Reducer
Swimmer Chlorine Stabiliser
Swimmer Copper Free Summertime Algicide
Swimmer Copper Free Wintertime Algicide
Swimmer Filter Cleaner
Swimmer Floating Tablet Dispenser
Swimmer Floc Granules
Swimmer Floc Tablets
Swimmer Flowmore Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets
Swimmer Instant Filter Cleaner
Swimmer Liquid Clarifier
Swimmer Multifunctional Stabilised Chlorine Granules
Swimmer pH Increaser
Swimmer pH Reducer
Swimmer Pool Refresh
Swimmer Rapid Shock Calcium Hypochlorite Granules
Swimmer Small Chlorine Tablets
Swimmer Stabilised Chlorine Granules
Swimmer Stain and Scale
Swimmer Tidemark Cleaner
Swimmer Waterline Cleaning Paste
Swimmer Wintertime Algicide

Swimmer Reagents

DPD No. 1 Tablets – Rapid
DPD No. 3 Tablets – Rapid
Phenol Red Rapid Dissolve

Testing & Dosing

Aquachek Salt Test Strips
Crystal Buffer Solution 650mV
Crystal Buffer Solution pH4
Crystal Buffer Solution pH7
Crystal Buffer Solution pH9
FROG Spa Floating Spa System – Bromine
FROG Spa Floating Spa System – Conditioning
FROG Spa Replacement Bromine Cartridge – English
FROG Spa Replacement Bromine Cartridge – French
FROG Spa Replacement Bromine Cartridge – German
FROG Spa Replacement Bromine Cartridge – Italian
FROG Spa Replacement Conditioning Cartridge – English
FROG Spa Replacement Conditioning Cartridge – French
FROG Spa Replacement Conditioning Cartridge – German
FROG Spa Replacement Conditioning Cartridge – Italian
FROG Replacement Conditioning Reservoir For Inground Cyclers
Insta-Test 3
Insta-Test 5
Lovibond Comparator Chlorine Balanced Water Test Kit
Lovibond DPD No 1 Rapid
Lovibond Phenol Red Rapid
Lovibond Poolester Kit Bromine
Lovibond Poolester Kit Chlorine
Nature 2 Spa Mineral Purifier
Refill Pack for Cool Pooltester


Tylö Descaler
Tylö Disinfectant
Tylö Fragrance Eucalyptus
Tylö Sauna Wood Treatment Oil
Tylö Silicone White New
Tylö Sulfamic Solvent