In the same way that we provide technical support to our trade account customers, we offer sales and marketing support as well. It’s another aspect of the customer service that we offer. It’s another way that we can share the knowledge that we have built up over our time in the wet leisure industry.

On this site, in the resources section, we have a large number of posts that look at various aspects of marketing specifically from the perspective of the wet leisure industry.

Those posts are divided up into various categories to make it easier for you to find the information and advice that you are looking for.


Concern about the present and confusion about the future; that’s what we all feel, but it is different for each of us.

COVID-19 has infected and affected almost the entire world. At the moment our only way of fighting back is by standing together and staying apart but everyone’s experience of the disease and its consequences is unique and individual and it’s important to realise that.