A Crystal clear solution to automatic dosing

Golden Coast looks after your customers’ needs (so you don’t have to!)More and more pool owners are discovering the benefits of outsourcing their dosing needs to automated systems… should you be taking a leaf from their book?

While automatic chemical dosing can be a blessing for pool owners and a great profit centre for the industry, not every company can deliver the specialist knowledge or resources required.

Golden Coast managing director Jamie Adams explains: “For owners, there are crystal-clear benefits to automatic dosing systems. It removes a lot of effort attached to pool ownership, such avoiding chemical dosing mistakes, eliminating time spent testing and – above all else – ensuring your water is clean and clear.

“But, while we’ve seen this market grow, it’s not been the easiest opportunity for our industry to respond to. For many in the trade, any potential profits are seemingly outweighed by the commitment companies must make.

“As well as increasing your knowledge on the subject, any company serious about automatic dosing must take on additional staff and ensure training needs are met.”

Golden Coast set out to find a simple solution to this problem. “We wanted to provide an easy-to-use service which would allow every pool company to offer chemical dosing – without increasing overheads or creating a lot of extra work,” explains Jamie.

At SPATEX 2017, Golden Coast revealed a crystal-clear solution: Crystal. Designed to make life easier for pool companies and their customers, the third-party automatic dosing service equips pool companies for every possibility.

Through Crystal, pool companies can outsource every step of the automatic chemical dosing process to Crystal’s team of experienced engineers.These professionals possess the knowledge, skills and training necessary to do everything from conducting a free site survey to specifying equipment and service requirements, right through to delivering a planned maintenance schedule.

To find out more about the full range of Crystal produducts ans services available through Golden Coast, call the Sales Team on 01271 378100, email here or visit our web shop