All-season swimming with Dura Vi

Heat pools and spas with the efficient Dura Vi heat pump from Golden Coast.

New for 2020, the compact yet powerful Dura Vi has an innovative vertical ventilation design and can efficiently heat pools and spas. It even operates in ambient air temperatures as low as -10 °C.

The Dura Vi heat pump is easy to install and is available in four models from 11 to 24 kW, all featuring a titanium heat exchanger.

“Dura Vi is the latest addition to our range of propulsion heat pumps and uses full inverter technology that can reach an impressive COP of 14.7,” said Adam Clark, Sales Director at Golden Coast. “Dura Vi is easy to use as it can be remotely operated via the LINK Touch Control panel. Plus, despite its power, the multi-speed fan is actually very quiet.”

Dura Vi is extremely efficient and uses FullFlowTM to ensure maximum water flow through the heat pump. It uses a smart CondensFluxTM design that gathers condensed water and drains it to avoid puddles around the pump.

The pump also benefits from NoFrostTM technology to ensure that it does not freeze during winter. Any frost that does form is removed in 3 minutes, without abruptly cooling the water, thanks to HotDefrostTM, making it ideal for a hot tub or small pool.

To discover what Dura Vi can do for your pool, contact #TeamGC on 01271 378100 or email us here