BADU EasyFit Pump – the industry ‘game changer’

New Golden Coast pool pump is a “game changer” for the industry

BADU EasyFit, the latest series of pumps from Speck, is being hailed by an industry expert as a “game changer” for pool owners and the companies that maintain them.

EasyFit, available exclusively in the UK through Golden Coast, allows installers – for the first time ever – to introduce new pumps into existing plant rooms – without the need for costly and time-consuming re-plumbing.

At its heart, EasyFit is exceptionally efficient. It uses 20 per cent less power than the industry’s most popular pumps, so its customers benefit from lowered running costs.

Traditionally the nature of plant rooms has meant that customers looking to upgrade their existing pumps were often stuck with one manufacturer due to the labour involved to swap brands…until now.”

EasyFit is highly versatile. Its optional connection kits offer a perfect fit for at least 9 leading brands, including the Sta-Rite 5P2R and Hayward Superpumps; a real game changer for installers and users alike as it allows for easy pump selection and installation, while customers reduce their running costs.

Quick to install, EasyFit also includes height adjustable feet to offer easy connection to existing plumbing – reducing assembly time and effort.

Eight pump sizes are available within the EasyFit range to meet every need. Approximate power ranges from 9 to 45 m³/hr and are suitable for pools with a volume from 35 to 200 m³.

Each unit is corrosion resistant, thanks to high-quality plastics and powder-coated motors. The self-priming pumps offer trouble-free operation, even when connected to automatic pool cleaners. Its maintenance-free, closed, bellow-like mechanical seal, coupled with the secure separation of the pump shaft from water ensure reliability.

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