Celebrating staff at the heart of Golden Coast

As a family-run business, leading wet leisure supplier Golden Coast is fully aware that people matter just as much as the products they sell.

Indeed, the entire Golden Coast team is regarded as an extended family, working together to provide the best possible support to the trade. Experienced colleagues, along with their accumulated wisdom, are crucial in making sure that customers receive the best advice and obtain the most appropriate solution.

It’s why Golden Coast is once again demonstrating its commitment to employee loyalty, this time by presenting two staff members, Mark Beer and Andy James, with Loyal Service awards marking 10 years at the business.

Senior Designer at Golden Coast, Mark Beer says: “I felt really proud receiving this award. It’s nice to be recognised. That said, it certainly doesn’t seem like 10 years. I feel like I’m just getting going!”

As the resident digital expert Mark leads development of the website and online shop, the latter being one of his earliest projects at Golden Coast. Its creation has gone on to transform the company’s position in the market. Most recently, Mark has been spearheading brand design for new products due for launch later this year.

“I work on a wide variety of things, and there’s never a dull moment,” he continues. “I’m really proud of the new product launches we have coming up as I have been working on the branding for some time. I enjoy coming up with new ways of doing things. I’m a problem solver and like a challenge, so I won’t ever say no to something, I’ll always figure it out.

“Looking ahead, we have a few big web projects coming up so I’m keen to start working on those. There’s always something new to learn which is exciting. Plus the


people I work with are brilliant. Golden Coast genuinely feels like a family business and there is definitely a sense of being included in that family.”

Also marking a decade at Golden Coast is Technical Engineer Andy James. Not only does Andy provide customers support and in-house staff training, but he is also the star of the hugely popular Andy’s Answers: a series of YouTube videos explaining anything from repairs and maintenance, to troubleshooting and set up, that to date have amassed over half a million views.

“We get enquiries from around the world,” he explains. “It’s easier to answer people’s questions in a video where you can get hands-on with the product. When I started I never expected to do anything like Andy’s Answers. But new things come along, products change, and my role as technical back up changes continuously.”

Over the years Golden Coast has expanded its product range, introducing new technologies designed to make pool ownership and maintenance easier, smarter, and more reliable. A great example of that is the range of GC Control Panels, a product designed and driven by Andy himself.

“I started developing the control panels some time ago and they are always evolving as we introduce fresh technologies to answer new challenges and meet new requirements,” he says. “I am always working on something new; it never stops. It keeps us on our toes.

“Getting the Loyal Service award from Golden Coast certainly makes you think about how things have changed over the last 10 years, but it’s always been for the better. I like that Golden Coast is a family company. Everyone works very well together. Since I started I’ve loved every minute of it.”

Jamie Adams, Managing Director at Golden Coast adds: “TeamGC is our most important asset, and no matter what their role, everyone has a vital part to play. Mark helps us create platforms and identities that connect with our customers, while Andy’s product expertise underpins our commitment to market-leading customer support.

We are proud to give them these awards as a thank you for everything they have achieved for Golden Coast over the last 10 years, and we look forward to seeing what they accomplish next.”

For more information on Golden Coast products, contact a member of #TeamGC on 01271 378100 or email here