A clean profit on the DEL Ivernea Winter Shield

This autumn you can save 50% on the cost of a new DEL Ivernea winter shield when purchasing a set of replacement cover slats.

This unique and economical approach to protecting slatted covers is compatible not only with all of DEL’s in-ground and above-ground models but with all other brands of slatted cover system on the market.

Produced from robust polyethylene fabric with a peripheral screen to filter rainwater and trap dirt and leaves, the Ivernea is designed for use between October and April and will keep slatted covers clean and protected against the damage of UV radiation, while helping to maintain water quality.

Easy to attach using its clip and elasticated cord system, the shield fits directly onto the cover slats with no need for unsightly fixtures on the pool surround.

Suitable for use with solid colour PVC or polycarbonate slats only, Ivernea comes in a choice of two colours, green or blue, which blend discreetly into their surroundings.

DEL replacement slats will freshen up the look of any pool. Cut to exact dimensions including roman ends or steps, slats are available in 4 colours of opaque PVC or crystal polycarbonate in 5 colours.

For a quote on your next replacement slatted cover and more information on the 50% discount on Ivernea, please call the sales team on 01271 378 100 or email here