Contura is the perfect fit

When Smallbone Pools had a customer with very specific requirements for a new pool cover, they turned to leading distributor Golden Coast for advice.The customer in Suffolk knew they wanted a slatted cover, but an in-ground cover wasn’t an option. Smallbone got in contact with Golden Coast to see what they could recommend that would meet the customer’s requirements.

Having discussed the available options, Golden Coast suggested the Contura, the latest model from French manufacturer DEL. Although the Contura had not yet been officially released in the UK, it was the ideal fit for this customer’s requirements so Golden Coast got permission from DEL to specify it to Smallbone Pools ahead of time. This meant it could be sent out as soon as it launched.

Managing Director of Smallbone Pools, Dean Smallbone explained the situation: “I had a great chat with Luke at Golden Coast and we went over their whole range of covers. The customer absolutely loved the look of the Contura. It was nothing like the other systems they had seen on the market and looked incredibly sleek and modern, which is exactly what they were after.”

The successor to the popular DEL Dune series, the Contura features a stylish curved bracket design in a metallic grey aluminium which is highly resistant to scratches and impacts.

Contura is offered with either PVC or solar polycarbonate slats, which are available in a range of colours to match the environment and can be locked at both ends using the Pushlock system to completely secure the pool.

Jamie Adams, Managing Director of Golden Coast said: “The DEL range has always proved hugely popular thanks to a combination of exceptional features, quality and looks. We have such a great relationship with DEL and it was great that we could show this new model ahead of time to the customer.”

Dean Smallbone concluded: “I am really happy with the project and the cover looks fantastic. We initially had concerns because the pool wasn’t square, but the polycarbonate slats were made to order and fit like a glove. It was a great result and the customer loved it.”

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