Custom build control panels

In addition to ‘off the shelf’ control panels, we can also design and produce custom made panels tailored to meet the needs of individual projects.

All standard panels are housed within an IP65 rated GRP enclosure complete with outer vision panel door and inner door. Switches are included for individual operation of the booster pump(s), blower and light together with a time clock to control the filtration pump and digital thermostat with high temperature alarm.

Available in either single or three phase, panels are designed to operate an electric heater or heat exchanger but a separate flow switch (available as an optional extra) must be installed.

Remote control of the booster pump(s) and blower is also possible using the various button options we can provide.

Panels for spas

Options are available from the simple modification of a standard panel to a custom made panel including any features such as;

  • Control of multiple pumps and heaters.
  • Control of more than one body of water e.g. main pool, learner pool and spa.
  • Auto purge feature.
  • Auto clean up feature.
  • Flexible equipment run times feature.
  • Flexible interlocks for safety equipment.
  • Choice of button controls including radio
  • Ability to link into other management control systems.
  • Reprogramming a later date via EPROM memory chip.

Tailor made panels for pools

We can also produce tailor made panels for swimming pools too with controls to manage a diverse range of equipment including;

    • Pumps
    • Lighting, including DMX
    • Time switches
    • Heating
    • Safety interlocks
    • Alarms, local and remote
    • Automatic Chemical dosing

To find out more or for a quote on your next contract, please call the sales office on 01271 378100 or send send us an e-mail  [email protected]