DEL Moove’O


This innovative above ground pool cover system is so simple it begs the question – “why hasn’t someone thought of that before?”

Traditionally, above ground slatted pool covers have been limited to rectangular pools but now with the Moove’O you can cover all shapes of pool including kidney, oval and freeform.

Easy installation

The Moove’O is delivered pre-assembled so there is no construction works required making installation quick and simple.

High performance

Suitable for covering pools between 5 metres wide and 11 metres in length, the Moove’O is a high performance energy saving, solar-powered, automatic pool cover, ideal for either new, existing or renovated pools. A manual version is also available.

Solo operation

The clever device needs no guide rails but can be moved into position or rolled away easily by one person thanks to a its ‘coupled wheel’ design.

Made from lacquered, moulded aluminium that will not rust, the unit uses all the quality materials for which DEL covers are renown together with a range of DELs PVC and poly carbonate slats in four colours: white, beige, grey or blue with all but the blue being available in matching end stands.

Added safety is achieved with the use of either a ‘Push Lock’ or ‘Quick Lock’ locking device, both of which secure the cover when in place for additional protection meaning Moove’O conforms to the stringent French safety standard NFP 90-308

To find out more or for a quote, call #TeamGC on 01271 378100 or email [email protected]