DEL puts owners in (remote) control

The Wi-Key from DEL is believed to be the world’s first lockable remote control for automatic pool covers.

Available as an option on most DEL systems, the wireless remote puts owners in control of their pool’s operation and security – wherever they may be.

Like all DEL products, special attention has been paid the design of the control which is easy and quick to install and, as well as being stylish, it’s watertight too.

Why choose DEL?

‘Comprehensive’ may be an overused adjective, but for the range of DEL automatic pool covers available through Golden Coast it’s a perfect fit. The choice of styles and options, as well as the variety of benefits, really does have everything covered.

Whether you are designing a new pool or improving an existing one, DEL has a well-designed answer to all needs. That means saving effort, improving the pool’s looks, conserving energy, reducing maintenance requirements and ensuring safety and security. Incidentally, it should be noted that not all automatic cover systems automatically serve all those functions. For example, only a few companies – of which DEL is one – have automatic covers that can also act as safety covers. In DEL’s case specialist locking devices and slats meeting strict French legislation make this possible.

Hot colours

The DEL product collection includes replacement polycarbonate solar slats for its own and other manufacturers’ covers. By absorbing heat from the sum and transmitting it to the water they reduce the pool’s energy demand. Five new ‘cristal’ slat colours have been added for 2015 including: black, clear, green, blue and brown. It should also be mentioned that most of DEL’s automatic covers offer the environmentally friendly option of operation by solar power.

For a finishing touch to the look and feel of the pool, DEL has also added some new, shaped end caps specifically for use in matching the curve of Roman end steps.

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