Demand for sauna and steam heating up

While many countries in Europe have long appreciated the therapeutic health and relaxation benefits of steam, Britain has been slow to catch up… But, now, saunas and steam rooms are becoming the UK’s must-have addition to spas, gyms, and leisure facilities.

To the uninitiated, steam rooms and saunas might appear to be one and the same: hot, humid rooms in which to relax. But they offer two very different experiences.

Taking inspiration from the ancient Roman baths, modern steam rooms utilise ‘wet heat’ to produce a steamy, subtropical atmosphere. Because they operate at near 100% humidity, the optimum, comfortable temperature is around 41 degrees.

By contrast, saunas, where small quantities of water are applied to hot stones, produce ‘dry heat’ of significantly higher temperatures – typically between 70 and 100 degrees.

For leisure facilities, there are practical advantages to saunas and steam rooms, as Jamie Adams, Managing Director of Golden Coast explains: “Modern options are very versatile in design and, because they are often of a modular design, you can adapt the design to fit perfectly in the space you have available.

“Our extensive range of quality Tylo saunas and steam rooms provides prefabricated, self-assembly packages in all shapes and sizes: from compact bathroom models to large, exclusive designs for commercial facilities.

“Another important asset, and certainly a relevant benefit to UK markets, is that these types of wet leisure facilities are not season specific – making them excellent value.”

Steam baths, such as the Tylö Elyseé, offer the stylised design and quality demanded by hotels, spas and corporate hospitality settings. Featuring tempered safety glass, durable plastic and anodised aluminium, installation is about more than aesthetics, it’s exceptionally durable too.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the unit is available in 11 sizes and, with a number of customisable features – including a wheelchair accessible door – this sophisticated steam room is suitable for all applications. The prefabricated kit is supplied in ready-to-assemble, wall and ceiling sections – with integral seating, complete with a recessed downlight above each seat. Kits also include lighting, air outlet vent and all assembly hardware required.

Whether a dry sauna or a wet steam room, numerous scientific studies have discovered physiological benefits to a steam session, including: improving performance in endurance sport, easing rheumatic pain and arthritis, reducing symptoms of chronic fatigue, and more.

Multi-sensory spa experiences take steam a luxurious step further. Jamie explains: “Models, such as the versatile Tylö Panacea, raise the bar in relaxation – by allowing users to control every aspect of their experience by remote control.
“They can adjust the temperature, light, steam, and sound settings… and they can even benefit from aromatherapy, too, as essential oils can be added at the simple of press of a button.”

Jamie concludes: “Physically beneficial and exceptionally relaxing, the popularity of steam rooms and saunas is clearly justified. And with easy-to-install units – customisable to suit nearly any application – demand for commercial installations shows no sign of slowing.“

For more information on full range of products from Tylo, which are exclusively available in the UK through Golden Coast, call 01271 378100, email here or visit our Tylo web site