An easy option to replace the old Hayward RSII

The Speck range of EasyFit pumps are reliable and efficient alternatives to many existing pumps in the market place.

With 6 different connection sets they fit in easily and exactly to replace nine different pump types including the StaRite 5P2R and Hayward Super pump.

Now we have a connection kit for the EasyFit to replace a Hayward RSII*.

The EasyFit has a near identical flow rate to the RSII but uses a motor 50% smaller and costing less to run. It can be installed without the need for expensive re-plumbing and the cost savings begin immediately.

For further information just speak to your Golden Coast account manager or call any member of the sales team on 01271 378 100, email here or visit our trade web shop

*Suction and discharge ports align with RSII dimensions but pipework will need adapting to accept EasyFit glue socket connections.