EVA LEDs ensure the perfect fit

When Slagen + Koenis architects began developing plans for two swimming pools at Den Bessem in Mortsel (the Netherlands), they envisioned connecting swimmers with nature and the pool itself through the clever use of light.
It’s lighting design, featuring large circular and oval LED units, was key to the project’s success. However, there was a problem: no one offered them in the marketplace.
Having worked closely with Dutch LED pioneers, EVA Optic, for more than a decade, the project’s specialist technical consultant at Hellebrekers knew who to turn to for help: its managing director, Jan van Loon.

He says: “When something piques my interest, I tend to dive right in. And this was no exception. After a great deal of research, we found a method of engineering the LED’s diameter to suit any project. Importantly, we can do this based on the amount of light required or the area where it will be installed.”

A custom solution

EVA Optic, whose products are available in the UK exclusively through Golden Coast, engineered more than 30 bespoke light fittings for the project, which is due to be completed in September 2018.

While the large pool area features 21 circular units measuring 2.3m in diameter and 8 ovals, a further 2 oval lights have been installed in the restaurant – offering quality illumination and interest for diners.

The new units form just a small part of the leisure centre’s new, fully integrated lighting system from EVA Optic. It is designed to meet the comprehensive needs of sport halls. The system allows for individual lights to be controlled remotely – ensuring lighting is on only where you need it (and where you need it).

In its larger pool (25 x 14.5 m), 10 white EVA A12 underwater lights illuminate the pool with quality light, whilst the smaller 12.5 x 7m pool is flooded with colour from six RGBW EVA A12 underwater lights.

EVA Optic’s in-pool lights are protected against damaging water and heat, as Jan explains. “Water, particularly chlorinated water, can cause damage to cabling,” says Jan. “Using a water block is possible. But it’s simply not enough to ensure our LEDs have a 7-year life expectancy. Instead, we use a pool-certified cable, which was developed in partnership with an Italian company.

“Water temperatures vary from pool to pool, but they can run as high as to 39ᵒC. When you consider that an LED can reach 50ᵒ degrees in water that’s just 30ᵒC, you quickly understand why it’s so important to manage that heat.

“We’ve pioneered a solution which uses the swimming pool’s water. Our LEDs feature thermal protection within their housing. By allowing water to flow past it, the heat is dissipated.”

Longer lasting

Units benefit from advanced electronics which continuously monitor temperatures and automatically adjust performance, as Jan explains.

“When higher temperatures are detected, our LEDs automatically dim – preventing damage from overheating and guaranteeing the lifespan.”

In the centre’s changing rooms and toilets, fifty-eight EVA Optic downlighters have been installed. Like their in-pool stablemates, these high-efficiency units are protected against damaging chlorine, heat and humidity for low maintenance and a long life.

Hearing news of the project, Shaun Adams of Golden Coast, EVA Optic’s UK distributor, said: “EVA Optic’s expertise and in-depth understanding of their customer’s needs really shines through in projects like these.

“It’s easy to understand why their technological advances are making waves beyond swimming pools in settings as varied as Bentley factories across Europe and the Tesla plant in the Netherlands.

“And, here in the UK, we’re seeing EVA Optic products lighting up more and more leisure facilities, including Coral Reef, Waltham Abbey Leisure Centre, Egham Leisure Centre, Wycombe Leisure Centre and Graves Leisure Centre”

For more information on EVA products, which are available through Golden Coast, call 01271 378100 or email here