Golden Coast technical know-how helps SPS seal the deal

Commercial pool projects often have specific and bespoke requirements. Now, domestic customers are rightly demanding more from their installations, and choices are heavily influenced by features they’ve seen on commercial pools.So when a domestic customer was referred to him by one of the 35 David Lloyd clubs served by Specialist Pools Services (SPS), it’s director Phil Stevens realised how valuable Golden Coast’s expertise would be in meeting the homeowner’s expectations.

Phil explains: “They had very specific requirements for their pool, such as using saltwater rather than chlorine. It’s a far cheaper and safer option, but it was treading new ground for SPS. I’d been working quite closely with Mitch at Golden Coast for some time and knew he’d ‘have my back’. He recommended the Waterco Hydrochlor, which is designed to keep risk, as well as running costs to a minimum.

“Safety was also a significant concern, as was low maintenance. Ideally, we wanted a cover which would offer security, while keeping the water free from debris and dirt. And, as expected, Golden Coast delivered. Mitch recommended the Ultima from DEL. It conforms to the high French safety standards and, because it’s fully watertight, it’s a real barrier against leaves, dust and insects entering the pool water.

“What’s more, because of Golden Coast’s expert knowledge and support in this field, our installers quickly made light work of what can normally be a complex installation.”

While the team at SPS are well-versed in gas heating installations as part of their commercial work, it wasn’t an option for their customer.

“Heat pumps aren’t an area we’d worked with previously, so Mitch took us through the process and specified the highly-efficient DURA Pro heat pump. It’s designed for ease of use and its low noise levels – crucial for getting best value from a home pool.”

As with any domestic pool owner, convenience is a real advantage. That’s why Golden Coast recommended SPS include Crystal Floc Dosing in the package.

Phil explains: “Crystal allows us to meet our customer’s automatic chemical dosing needs – without having to employ expert chemical dosing engineers or upskill our workforce. We simply outsource it… and it allows us to profit from a service… without lifting a finger.”

The ease of use didn’t stop there, either. By opting for a bespoke control panel from Golden Coast, SPS was able to give the customer all the control needed. At the push of a button, the owner can control important functions, such as heating and lighting.

Phil continues: “We found Golden Coast quite by accident, but I’m so glad we did. Their sage advice and technical support throughout this project has been indispensable. It has given us and our customer real peace of mind.

“Golden Coast just ‘get’ everything I need. Their team is great at problem solving and its staff’s in-depth product knowledge means they understood our customer’s requirement to the letter.”
Golden Coast managing director Jamie Adams said: “Stories like this are a strong reminder of what can be achieved with the right support. We’re pleased that SPS decided to call on our expertise when they began working on this project.

“It sounded like an exciting build and we were all-too-happy to support them in successfully treading new ground. While the company only started operating two years ago, this project is a major addition to its portfolio and is sure to contribute to their long-term success.”

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