Golden Coast’s crystal-clear solution to automatic dosing

For owners and operators alike, automatic chemical dosing brings big rewards. But, for the wet leisure industry, supplying the in-house knowledge and resources required can be a real challenge.
There are crystal-clear benefits to automatic dosing systems for both parties, as Golden Coast managing director Jamie Adams explains.

“As we’re all aware, chemical dosing can be a minefield for owners and operators alike. Because it’s so easy to get it wrong, absolute vigilance is essential.

Relax, it’s all under control

“For those who own home pools this can be a real issue. After all, would you rather spend your time testing, measuring and risking your water quality, when you could be simply relaxing and enjoying your pool? Automatic chemical dosing allows them to go ‘hands-free’.

“And for operators, the expertise and hours necessary to ensure safe water quality is just too costly. For this group, however, automatic dosing is more of a requirement, than necessity.”

Automatic dosing systems allow operators to eliminate valuable staff-time spent testing, avoiding dosing mistakes and – above all else – ensuring water is clean, clear and hygienic at all times.

Jamie continues: “But, it does require a commitment from employers and facility managers to increase staff knowledge and understanding of the subject through appropriate training… and that can come at a high cost.”

A one stop solution

Golden Coast sought out a simple solution. The result? Crystal. It’s an easy-to-use service which allows facilities to outsource any – and every – step of the process.

“In short, Crystal makes life simpler for owners and operators by giving them access – as and when needed – to a team of knowledgeable and experienced automatic dosing specialists. Each of these experts are equipped with the skills and training to fulfil every need: from conducting free site surveys and specifying equipment through to delivering planned maintenance.”

To find out more about what Crystal can do for your facility – or to discover further benefits of automatic chemical dosing, call the Golden Coast Sales Team on 01271 378100 or email here