I looked for a weather forecast for the coming summer. You’ll be amazed what I found.

It seems that the wonders of modern science can allow us to predict the future with greater and greater accuracy.

Sunshades or umbrellas?

We all know that the summer weather will have a big influence on how good a business year we have.

Clear blue skies and long, hot days lead people to dream about soaking in a hot tub or splashing in a pool.

The ones with their own spa or pool get them open and running. Some of the ones without start visiting showrooms and making calls to see how quickly something could be delivered or installed.

So wouldn’t it be great to open an app or click on a website that simply gives you an accurate forecast for the coming months? Shouldn’t that be possible in this modern, digital age when it seems that everything is available at the swipe of a finger or the click of a mouse?

It seems not.

Looking forward three or four days, the weather forecasters can tell you not only whether it will rain or not but pretty much at what time it’ll start and when it will clear.

Search for information on the next three or four weeks ahead and their opinions are showered with ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and ‘maybes’. The weather, it seems, is still a mystery.

The hottest day since 2006.

Looking back at the weather is a lot easier than looking to the future and July began with a scorcher.

Days like that and the media coverage it received will stick in people’s minds. Days like July 1st make them think about just how great it would be to own their own pool.

We have just updated and redesigned our Swimmer Pool Kit brochure. These in ground pool kits are an efficient, dependable and relatively quick way for a customer to have their own pool.

The impactful brochure is there to make it as easy as possible for you to sell that idea to your customers.

Swimmer Pool Kits come in a range of sizes, from 20’ x 10’ all the way up to an impressive 40’ x 20’. Each modular construction kit comes with pump, filter and all fittings.

The Swimmer pool kits also include a pool heater and, until the end of July, we have an exceptional deal that offers a free Dura heat pump with every Platinum pool kit.

It’s hotter than a sauna.

That early July heat wave recorded temperatures of about 35deg C. Fair enough, a sauna runs a fair bit hotter than that. But saunas aren’t just hot, they’re popular and increasingly so.

We have just launched our updated Tylolife.com. It’s not only very stylish with a lot of information about the Tylo range; it also answers a lot of questions about sauna that we know people have been searching the Internet for.

We expect it to get a lot of traffic and generate a lot of enquiries.

It might seem a bit odd talking about sauna at this time of year but that sector of the wet leisure industry is ‘weather proof’ and non-seasonal.

Fingers crossed, the summer weather will be good, but if it isn’t, sauna can very usefully be another string to your bow.


Finally, for this newsletter, we have updated our DEL brochure to include some great new products.

One of the new offerings from DEL is that their polycarbonate ‘solar’ slats now come in a range of colours. DEL’s replacement slats have always been very popular but now that you can have the energy saving benefits of a ‘solar’ slat combined with the design advantages of being able to match to a pool’s individual design, they should be even more attractive.

The new DEL brochure will work for you as a great sales aid for the entire DEL range of pool covers.

Best wishes for the season.

So, the summer begins and I hope that the weather is kind to us all and that you have a really good season.

I’m sure you know that we are here to give you all the help and support that we can. Everyone at Golden Coast knows what an important time of year this is.