That’s the last thing you should do.

The world changes all the time. If you don’t stay abreast of the changes and make the most of new opportunities you might get left behind.

This month we look at diversification and what that might mean for your business.

Plus we have a free, downloadable eBook that shows how you might add a profitable new sector to your wet leisure business. Read on for more details.

Your business has various assets like your sales force and work force, your customer database and your premises.

In the winter in particular, you might think that these assets aren’t working for you as hard as you’d like.

You might have thought about diversifying into other areas; perhaps selling related products like gym and fitness equipment or by offering other services that your workforce is equipped to handle. You could go into general building work, landscaping and ground works or garden water features and ornamental pools.

There may well be some money to be made there, but what does it do to the image of your business? Do you become a ‘Jack of all trades’?

What is certain is that whereas keeping calm might be a good idea, simply carrying on doing business the way you have always done it is not the best plan; certainly in these challenging times.

It was with that in mind that we produced an eBook.

This eBook was meant to be about diversification; specifically diversifying your pool business into the sauna market.

Now that it is finished, I realise that the book is actually about expanding your business into the sauna market.

And there is a simple but important reason for that change of definition.

Diversification usually requires a company to acquire new skills, new techniques and new facilities.

The whole point of this eBook is that you almost certainly already have all the skills, techniques and facilities that you need to start selling saunas to the customers that you already know.

That makes it an opportunity that you should definitely explore.

Autumn and winter may not be the busiest seasons of the year but they do give you time to think and to plan.

Expanding your business into a new market might seem like a big challenge but it is also a big opportunity.

The Sauna eBook contains all the information that you’ll need to decide if it is an opportunity that is right for you. If you like the sound of that prospect, there is also a great deal of knowledge and advice in there as to how you can make it work.

As one businessman who has already successfully expanded into the sauna market says, ‘For people who are already doing pools, saunas make a great add on.’

Whether you choose to explore new market sectors or not, don’t waste the off-season. A quieter time for business is a great time to be busy preparing your business for next year.