New DEL cover colours.

The right pool cover makes a big difference to pool ownership. It can save time and money in maintenance, cut running costs and enhance safety. And with the right pool cover from DEL, you can have all that, while enhancing the look of the pool, too.

Free energy.

DEL’s new range of replacement polycarbonate slats, which is compatible with systems from all of the leading manufacturers, is the result of four years of research and testing.

The result? Polycarbonate solar slats that are highly resistant to impact, hail and heat. An anti-UV treatment extends the slat’s life by reducing the harm caused by the sun’s rays.

Suitable with most automatic cover systems, DEL’s polycarbonate slats are supplied with a five-year guarantee guarding against distortion and tightness.

The new solar range reduces a pool’s energy demands by absorbing heat from the sun and transmitting it to the pool’s water. This ‘green’ approach is not unusual for DEL. In fact, most of DEL’s automatic cover systems offer the environmentally friendly option of solar-powered operation.

Safety first.

In keeping with DEL’s reputation for sleek and stylish design, the manufacturer offers a choice of five colours: black and crystal, crystal clear, green translucent, blue translucent and brown translucent.

Few companies – of which DEL is one – have automatic covers that can also act as safety covers. In DEL’s case specialist locking devices and slats, including this new range of replacement polycarbonate slats meet strict French legislation, – making this possible.

A new DEL brochure is now available featuring a variety of covers for both in-ground and above-ground pools. The in-ground selection, for example, includes the RollEnergy, Rollin/RollKit, RollOver and Moove’O.

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