NEW pool maintenance pack

A popular solution

How do you display the most popular items that pool owners come looking for in your showroom?

It’s not just about having the most requested items on hand for customers, it’s also about having them together in one easy location that looks good too.

After the success of the Essentials showroom displays we decided to put one together for pool shops allowing you to easily and professionally highlight the nets, brushes, test kits and pool patches that customers regularly call in for.

You can what the assembled pack looks like on page 198 of our 2012 Product Catalogue

Low cost – high impact

Each kit costs just £250 (discount category H) and includes slat walling, shelf, hooks and hangers together with a customised header board featuring your company name and logo together with the following list of popular pool equipment;

  • Palintest domestic chlorine Pooltester
  • Insta-Test 3
  • Insta-Test 5
  • Guardex 4 in 1 test kit
  • 2 oz. underwater repair kit
  • Large underwater self-adhesive patches
  • Derby duck thermometer
  • Surfin’ shark thermometer
  • Derby dolphin thermometer
  • Derby duck brominator
  • Derby duck pool chlorinator
  • Derby dolphin brominator
  • Standard liner vacuum head
  • Swimmer deep leaf net
  • Swimmer flat leaf net
  • Wall whale, 18” hydro-dynamic wall brush
  • Swimmer 6’ – 12’ telescopic handle
  • Swimmer 18” aluminium backed pool brush
  • Swimmer 18” plastic brush with nylon bristles
  • Swimmer 9 metre floating vac hose
  • Swimmer 12 metre floating vac hose
  • Certikin algae brush with swivel head
  • Certikin kornea
  • Standard concrete vacuum head

Make a splash

To order your Pool Maintenance Display Pack including customised header board, call the sales office on 01271 378100 or send us an e-mail here [email protected]