Part of the family

Golden Coast honours long-serving staff

Family-run wet leisure specialist Golden Coast has presented long service awards to two more members of staff who are celebrating ten years with the company. Out of 29 people employed by Golden Coast, 13 have now passed this milestone.

Driving force

Driver Nigel Paul has a lot to celebrate, as he has also just become a grandfather. Having been made redundant by his previous employer, Nigel saw an advert for a vacancy with Golden Coast in 2002. Noticing a Golden Coast lorry parked in a lay-by, he asked the driver about the company and decided he should apply. Ten years later, he is racking up some 50,000 miles a year – mainly in Wales and the North West but potentially anywhere in the UK.

A credit to the business

Earlier in 2002, Emma Powell joined Golden Coast as a Credit Controller in the Accounts Department. In her customer-facing role, helping to resolve invoice queries, she is an essential part of the team which maintains good, effective relations between the company and its business contacts.

“There is a definite family feel to Golden Coast,” says Managing Director Jamie Adams, whose brothers Shaun and Dominic are also Directors of the company set up by their father. “Whenever someone joins the family, we hope they will stay – especially when, like Emma and Nigel, they contribute so much to its wellbeing through their approach to the work. We are privileged to have so many loyal staff whose enthusiasm is reflected in the excellent service they give to our customers.”