Pellikaan chooses EVAline LED lighting

Pellikaan Construction, one of Europe’s leading leisure centre specialists, has chosen to include EVA Optic LEDs, which are available exclusively through Golden Coast, within the lighting design of its new multi-million pound leisure centre project at Waltham Abbey in Essex .
Having completed more than 900 sports and leisure centres – including 500 swimming pools, the company takes measures during design and construction to reduce energy costs and the effect on the environment once in use.

Seeking to deliver long-term reliability and cost-efficiency, while meeting Sport England’s strict lighting rules, the Waltham Abbey centre’s lighting design features 26 EVAline LED lights for ambient lighting in its large pool hall, which comprises a 25m pool and 15m learner pool.

Increased life expectancy.

Pellikaan’s Bas Sanberg explains: “We have used the EVA lighting products very successfully within projects in Holland since 2013, and performance has been as expected. We take a long term view on a project cost, including maintenance, and the EVA products fit neatly within that philosophy.”

Heat, chlorine and humidity can quickly take their toll on ambient lighting. Compared to alternative LED schemes, the EVA range offers the resilience to withstand an aggressive pool environment.

At the De Vrolijkheid wet leisure complex, a 6200 sq. m leisure centre in Zwolle, Pellikaan specified EVA Optic for ambient lighting throughout the 6200 sq. m leisure centre – to ensure energy efficiency, lighting quality and safety on site.

Golden Coast Director Shaun Adams explains: “The intense heat can significantly reduce life expectancy in a typical LED. Fortunately, EVA’s product lines are anything but typical. In fact, they are unique, with no other manufacturer offering the features to maintain the long term life of the light but also the quality of light, all of which combined is attractive to any leisure centre operator and the customer alike.”

EVALine LEDs are manufactured from materials suitable for use in a challenging environment like a pool hall, where heat, chlorine and humidity create issues. EVA’s light body components and fixing materials are manufactured using hot-dip galvanised metal, duplex-coated or anodised aluminium. Further protection is offered by anti-overheating technology which ensures a long life of at least 50,000 hours.

Enhanced quality.

Because the pool is expected to stage competitions, lighting was an important consideration. Any ambient lighting system used would need to meet Sport England’s exacting criteria for light quality.

Meeting requirements, the large hall’s lighting design delivers 320 Lx on average and a light uniformity of 0.74. In addition, EVAline lights provide direct light with minimal glare (UGR<19) – even when looking at the light itself or on the surface. Shaun adds: “As well as making bathing more comfortable, it improves pool safety too. For example, the direct lighting makes it more comfortable for bathers, while improving safety by potentially offering a cleaner line of sight through the pool water surface.” EVAline benefits from a high CRI (>85) which ensures skin tones look natural and healthy for a more improved bathing experience.

Shaun adds: “And, as if that wasn’t enough, direct lighting from EVA is approximately 50% more efficient that other indirect lighting schemes”.

EVA’s full range of efficient, high-quality, LED lighting is available in the UK exclusively through Golden Coast.

For more information on EVA products, which are available through Golden Coast, contact Shaun Adams on 01271 378100 or email here