Quality and performance sells

Golden Coast banks on Vortex 4 and Pool Blaster cleaners to beat the recession

For Golden Coast, Britain’s leading independent distributor to the pool trade, focusing on the right products has been a key to beating the economic downturn. While as a nation we may be told that ‘we’re in it together’, clearly there are customers at the top end of the market who can still easily afford to buy the best. For the rest, supplying a product that works really well and combines quality with a fair price will help to persuade customers to keep on investing in the luxury of a pool.

The best Vortex cleaner yet

When it comes to pool cleaning, the top-end choice is the Vortex 4 from Zodiac – the most advanced and feature-packed 4 wheel drive model yet. As well as cleaning to the ultimate standard, Vortex 4’s ergonomic and comfort features make using it a pleasure.

Its powerful 4WD performance and Vortex technology are complemented by a lightweight, ergonomically designed trolley, a multi-function ebox and a kinetic, waterproof remote control that will float if you should drop it in the pool. In action, perhaps the most impressive thing about this cleaner is the way it climbs the pool wall and empties itself of water after operation. Considering all that it has to offer, the price is actually very competitive.

“Sales of Vortex 4 have been strong for the last two years,” says Golden Coast Director Dominic Adams. “Its price point means it tends not to appeal to the more price-sensitive end of the market, so sales are less susceptible to economic conditions. It also works incredibly well, so more and more trade customers are promoting it with confidence.”

Golden Coast and its customers also have great faith in the Pool Blaster range of cleaners from Water Tech. They include the SpaVac, which is the world’s only vacuum cleaner specifically designed for hot tubs and spas. In addition to its unbeatable ability to microfilter and remove even the smallest of dirt particles, the SpaVac’s features include a unique valve that prevents the annoying release of dirt back into the water when the machine stops.

The versatile and powerful Pool Blaster Catfish lives up to its name with its exceptional suction and cleaning capability. Lightweight and portable, it is small enough to reach into every crevice but strong enough to cover large pool areas. The 8-inch vacuum head can be removed for spot cleaning and use in very tight spaces.

Blasting away the dirt

The flagship of the range is the Pool Blaster Max. Like the others, its battery-powered, compact, portable design makes operation comfortable and easy. With a high-flow pump and industry-leading suction, it cleans deeply and tackles even the largest of messes. Its 10.75-inch vacuum head sweeps through large areas and can also be removed for spot cleaning. The whole cleaner can be attached to most standard pool poles for extended reach.

“The market has responded very favourably to these Pool Blaster products,” says Dominic Adams. “They have proved their quality and performance in the field, and this has encouraged the trade to promote them strongly.”

Whether they choose one of the products distributed by Golden Coast, or anything else, Dominic advises retailers to try it out thoroughly in their showrooms first – to make sure they are totally confident in its performance and familiar with its functioning. For Vortex 4, Golden Coast offers a demonstration unit with which retailers can impress customers.