Ready for your closeup?

With more and more of us looking to capture and share our experiences with others, it’s often not easy to do when you’re splashing in the pool.

But, this is now possible, thanks to new EVA Eveye HD underwater camera, which is available exclusively through Golden Coast.

Designed for use in all types of pools and ponds, the high-resolution camera allows owners to make underwater snapshots and videos.

But, according to Golden Coast managing director Jamie Adams, this new technology can be utilised especially well in commercial settings.

He explains: “When it comes to improving strokes and techniques, it allows performance to be captured and reviewed – making it the perfect training tool for instructors and coaches of swimmers and divers.

Adding safety

“It can also provide supervisors and lifeguards with an extra pair of eyes in the pool, as well as at slide exits and in lazy rivers and rapids – enhancing the pool’s overall safety.”

The 1080-pixel underwater camera offers a high-quality resolution which it maintains – even over long lengths of cable.

It can be installed to a depth of 10 metres and is waterproofed to a high standard (IPX8/IP68), protecting against contact with and ingress of dust and water.

Images captured by EVA Eveye can be transmitted to all types of monitors using a TVI converter. When used with a TVI recorder, owners can record footage for use on a wide range of devices: from smartphone to large screen. In addition, it gives owners the option of connecting to an existing network.

For more information about EVA Eveye, contact a member of the Golden Coast sales team on 01271 378100, email here or visit