Special offer: Purer profits with Triogen and Etatron

For a limited time, we have special offers on Triogen and Etatron water treatment systems.

Etatron Pool Dosing Systems

Buy an Etatron ePool Redox dosing system together with an Etatron ePool pH dosing system for just £344.69

Normally retailing at £465.80 each (£921.30 for the pair) we’re giving away a whopping 63% discount on these systems when bought together.

To place an order, call the sales team on 01271 378100, send us an e-mail  [email protected]

Follow this link to find out more about Etatron ePool dosing systems.

Triogen TR2

To celebrate our appointment as the exclusive UK distributor of the Triogen TR2, for a limited time we’re offering a clean 50% discount on this range.

To get yours, call us on 01271 378100, drop us an e-mail  [email protected]


ePool Pump Dosing Kits

The ePool series of peristaltic dosing pumps are perfect for the Wet Leisure industry and feature built in chlorine, pH, chlorine dioxide and redox control.
These pumps operate on the suction-compression created by rotors on a Santoprene® tube. They are energy efficient and have an operating range of 6 – 10 W energy consumption. The pumps have a maximum flow rate of 3 L/hr and a maximum operating pressure of 3 bar.

Features include :

  • Built in controller able to adjust the output based upon the chlorine, pH, chlorine dioxide or redox levels.
  • Flow rates from 1.5 L/hr up to 3 L/hr.
  • Pressure from 1.5 bar to 3 bar.
  • Alarm relay output and auxiliary.
  • Input for level sensor or proximity.
  • pH measurement range: 0 – 14 pH.
  • Redox measuring range: -1400 + 1400 mV.
  • Energy efficient with energy consumption of 6 – 10 W.
  • Power supply 100 V AC to 250 V AC.
  • Pump head tubing available in Santoprene (standard), silicone.


Triogen TR2 UV Disinfection.

The TR2 range of ultraviolet units is designed to provide residential swimming pools and spas with a cost effective UV system for disinfection and improved water quality. The reactor bodies are manufactured from UV inhibited polymeric materials making them suitable for use with pools utilizing salt water chlorinators or standard chemical dosing. The units simply connect to a suitably protected mains power supply and come complete with union adapters, pressure gauge and flow-switch. Units are available for flows of 11, 22, 32 & 40m³/h.

Features include:

  • Low pressure UV
  • Low capital and electrical running costs
  • 18 month UV lamp life
  • Reduction in chemical requirement
  • Improved algae control
  • 100% corrosion resistant UV inhibited polymeric reactor vessel
  • Automatic pre-set internal flow sensor switch shuts down on no flow
  • Centre ring indicates lamps are operational when switched on


All prices are exclusive of carriage + vat
Offer is limited to one TR2 unit per customer but there is no order limit on Etatron product
Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer