Spectravision LED Display Kit

Talking to customers about how effective LED lighting is and trying to explain the dramatic effect it will have on their own pool can be difficult without being able to actually demonstrate it.

With a Spectravision demo kit you have the ability to actually show customers the stunning colours and lighting effects that can be created in their own pool, all for just £225.

Supplied in a handy water proof box, the kit includes;

  • A colour changing Moonlight LED light
  • Transformer
  • Control Switch
  • RCD Plug & 7 Metres of Cable

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See for yourself

You can see the kit in use on this You Tube Video where it gets demonstrated 1 minute and 8 seconds from the start.

Using a Spectravision pool side kit allows you or your engineers to transform the atmosphere of a customer’s pool and display the variety of magical colours, and rhythmic colour changes available.

To order your kit;  call us on 01271 378100, send us an e-mail  [email protected]

Did you know?

  • Spectravision lights are ultra flat, and can be fitted into either a standard light niche for new pools or into most existing niches for retro-fit.
  • The lamps incorporate three LED’s; red, green and blue, allowing a wide range of colour combinations to suit any situation or occasion, from a relaxing evening dip to a party for the children.
  • As well as offering constant colour, Spectravision also provides the option for colour changing through a selection of rhythmic lighting modes.
  • Suitable for use with a standard 12V AC transformer, Spectravision lights have an optional remote control allowing simple on/off operation and complete management of the colour modes.
  • When retro- fitted to a pool with an existing standard deck box, transformer and niche, the installation is quick and easy allowing you to quote a fixed price for the work.

To order a Spectravision Pool Side Demonstation kit for just £225  call us on 01271 378100, send us an e-mail  [email protected]