Stainless steel for the perfect finish.

Stainless steel inlets, drains and skimmers from Pahlén provide beautiful solutions to the ‘little details’ and help make the difference between a great pool and a superb pool.

Designed to deliver form and function, the Swedish manufacturer’s products are perfect for high-end luxury installations where clean lines are a necessity.

Easy access.

Pahléns’ stainless steel skimmer, for example, has been carefully thought out to maximise the look of the pool surround. Rather than introduce an unsightly skimmer lid, designers have, rather uniquely, allowed the skimmer basket to be accessed from the skimmer’s mouth.

Inlets are made from bronze and stainless steel for a long life and all visible parts in the pool are polished to give an excellent finish. Other fittings include vac points and main drains as well as stainless steel underwater lights and niches for concrete pools.

You can see more detail on the Pahlén range here or alternatively you can contact the sales office on 01271 378100 or via e-mail here