How’s 2012 been for you; we really want to know.

It is feeling as if 2012 has been ‘winterised’ now. Its covers are on and it’s been put away for another year. But how have the last twelve months been? We’d like you to tell us all about it in our annual survey of the whole wet leisure industry; more on ‘how’ and ‘why’ later. […]

“That’s summer down the d-rain.”

That was the headline in The Sun newspaper on 7th July 2012. Say what you will about The Sun, sometimes they sum up our nation’s mood in just a few words and in this instance it feels like they summed up our industry’s mood as well. To quote from the BBC Weather service, “The year […]

Running rings around the competition. What London 2012 can teach us about marketing.

It is probably safe to say that everyone considers the Olympic Games in London to have been a success. Just how big a success is down to a matter of personal opinion, but the event and the coverage that surrounded it won the hearts and minds of a nation.