The latest technology in swimming pool pumps

The heart of every swimming pool is the pump. The pump runs the pool’s circulation system, pulling water in from the skimmer and the main drain before passing it through the filters and any water treatment systems and returning it to the main body of water. Any pump is essentially a motor and an impeller. […]

The Hosepipe Ban; how the water shortage affects wet leisure

There is concern and confusion in the industry about what the drought measures actually are and how they will affect us. The facts aren’t great, but they are better than the rumours. What are the facts? Seven water companies across south and eastern England are introducing hosepipe bans from Thursday, 5 April 2012. These are: […]

Cut Costs and Save Energy

Saving energy not only benefits the environment but also cuts cost.  Having gone to the expense of heating a pool it’s pointless to allow the heat to be wasted.  One simple solution is a DEL solar-powered cover, available exclusively in the UK from Golden Coast.