Disabled Access – Safety First

The benefits of swimming for those physically impaired is well known and this year (2011), Golden Coast now offers three easy-to-use disabled safety access hoists for domestic or commercial swimming pools or spas.

All powered by 24-volt rechargeable batteries, the 300 lb/136 kg lift capacity low-profile ‘aXs’ unit provides a solution for simple pool designs, while the ‘Splash’ series has a higher lifting capacity at 400 lb/181.5 kg.  Both units offer 360 degree rotation and can be removed from their deck anchor systems when not required.

A portable lift

Also available is the PAL (Portable Aquatic Lift) portable unit for commercial installations.   Easily moved and operated by one person, this also has a 300 lb/136 kg lift capacity with a 240 degree rotation.  All three units share many features including waterproof hand-held control units, footrests and seat belt assembly, along with a range of accessories.

Both the PAL and ‘Splash’ units have optional variations for facilities that have both in-ground pools and above ground spas or above ground pools and spas up to 48 in/122 cm above the pool deck.  In addition, the reach of the ‘Splash’ can be extended for use where pools have an unusual gutter configuration that requires a longer reach to the water line.

All these products are available for immediate delivery throughout the UK by Golden Coast.