Cut Costs and Save Energy

Saving energy not only benefits the environment but also cuts cost.  Having gone to the expense of heating a pool it’s pointless to allow the heat to be wasted.  One simple solution is a DEL solar-powered cover, available exclusively in the UK from Golden Coast.

The ‘Roll Over’ utilises DEL’s thermal slats with both the roller and slats hidden from view within a strong aesthetically pleasing bench-type unit which is available in either IPE wood or white PVC casings strong enough for people to sit on.

Solar energy

The fully automatic ‘Roll Energy’ system also features a solar power option and has it’s motor situated inside the roller thereby removing the need for a ‘traditional’ exterior motor pit.  If required, the system can be supplied with a beam and pit decking for an unobtrusive installation hidden from view.

For the budget concious customer, the ‘Roll Sun’, stands in view at the pool end and offers all the benefits of a solar powered, automatic pool cover.

Reduction in costs

Energy saving has also come to pumps with the Badu Eco-Touch pump that has revolutionised water quality, energy consumption and operating costs as a result of innovative motor technology.  The new ‘Touch I’ and ‘Touch II’ controllers allow simple operation of the pump precisely where it’s needed.

The control units make operating the pumps more convenient, with the Touch I offering manual selection of the three speed settings whilst the Touch II has a built-in timer to activate the required speeds for pre-determined periods.

Using a patented permanent magnet motor that incorporates an axial or EX motor, the Badu ‘Eco Touch’ has been designed for pools from 30sqm to 70sqm.  Its single phase motor has three pre-set speeds: a low speed for night-time operations, a middle speed for filtration and a high speed for backwashing – the lower the operating speed, the greater reduction in energy costs.

Additionally, the slower filtration at the middle speed results in improved water quality as the need for water treatment products is reduced, thereby helping the environment.  Equally, a continuous load on the overall filtration system at peak times is prevented, which results in an extended life for the equipment.

Free power from the sun

When it comes to heating a pool, Golden Coast’s own ‘Sunburst’ solar energy system is proving to be one of the most efficient by capturing free energy from the sun.

‘Sunburst’ uses evacuated solar tube collector technology, the insulating efficiency of which creates a vacuum around the internal copper heat pipe. This can result in temperatures of up to 250°C being reached inside the copper pipe, far more than traditional black solar panels.