The ‘ultimate’ safety cover.

‘Comprehensive’ may be an overused adjective in marketing, but for the range of DEL automatic pool covers, it’s a perfect fit. The choice of styles and options, as well as the variety of benefits, really does have everything covered and safety is no exception.

Suitable for all seasons, the new Ultima safety cover completely secures a pool, preventing unauthorised or accidental entry.

In-ground or above ground

The in-ground system is ideal for new build projects and allows the cover to be retracted clear of the pool in a concealed, dry pit.

Ultima above-ground is better suited to refurbishment projects or free-form pools with the cover housed in a sturdy bench at the end of the pool.

All covers in the  range combine the performance of two hydraulic motors; one each for opening and closing, and are produced using durable materials and sound manufacturing techniques including rust proof anodised rails and UV protected fabric.

Safety as standard

Quick to cover a pool, the Ultima  secures it against access and being watertight, keeps debris and other contaminants out of the pool.

All safety cover systems are supplied with a WiKey wireless remote, a password protected control that puts owners in total control of their cover’s operation and security – wherever they may be around the pool.

Whether you are designing a new pool or improving an existing one, French manufacturer DEL has a stylish answer to all needs. That means saving effort, improving the pool’s looks, conserving energy, reducing maintenance requirements and ensuring safety and security.

WIN: Five Thousand Pounds

For 2016, we offering you the opportunity to be entered into a draw to win £5,000 when you order a DEL Ultima pool cover system. In fact the more covers you order, the more entries you get. To see the full terms and conditions of the offer, go here.

For further information or a quote on the Ultima or any of the DEL pool cover systems, please email us here or call the sales office on 01271 378100