To cap it all.

Here’s an innovative and neat solution for protection of spa covers

A spa cover protects your spa, but what protects your cover?

When hot tubs are left unused for long periods, its valuable cover can come under attack from all kinds of damaging debris and weathering.

Cover Cap, now available from our Essentials range, provides a simple and effective solution to these problems.

Cover Cap defends covers against the ageing and wearing effects of sun, rain and frost on the cover material, while insulating it against leaf staining, tree sap and accumulation of airborne debris and grime.

Looking good.

By doing so it extends the cover’s life and maintains its attractive appearance.

Lightweight and easy to install, Cover Cap provides a more attractive alternative to the tried-and-tested method of wrapping the spa in tarpaulin or large plastic sheeting.

Despite looking like a valuable purchase just for the winter months, the Cover Cap has exceeded our expectations and has quickly become one of the top selling lines in the Essentials range.

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