Ultralift? Ultra good

Golden Coast reveals latest addition to Essentials Collection at SPATEX 2017

Golden Coast, the UK’s biggest independent supplier of wet leisure products to the trade, has announced that it will launch the market’s strongest and most versatile cover lifter at SPATEX 2017.

Ultralift, which is available exclusively through Golden Coast’s Essentials Collection of hot tub and spa accessories, is a cover lifter with (virtually) universal appeal.

Golden Coast managing director Jamie Adams explains: “When it comes to cover lifters, Ultralift is exactly what the market has been waiting for…

“It’s built to an exceptionally high specification and has been intelligently designed for maximum versatility. Whatever a tub’s size, shape or brand – Ultralift offers virtually all a perfect fit. Free-standing? Built-in? In-ground?

“With Ultralift, you just need a single cover lifter to meet your customer’s exact needs. This is possible because of its comprehensive mounting options. While the Standard Mount option lets you adjust open cover height to your preference, there’s an Under Mount option that slides under your tub prior to filling – so no need to drill holes in the deck, patio or hot tub surround.

“If your customer is looking for easy opening and closing, there’s a Hydraulic Mount option which incorporates gas springs. As well as making access easier, it ensures tub owners find the correct closing position much faster – reducing heat loss from the tub and saving them money.”

Further versatility is possible thanks to two conversion kits for Standard Mount options – allowing for hydraulic lift assist or under mount conversion.

Ultralift’s ease of installation also impressed Golden Coast. Jamie explains: “We’re always looking for products that allow our customers to operate more efficiently… and profitably. Ultralift, which was clearly designed with installers in mind, certainly fits that bill.

“Fitting a cover lifter should be easy, but, in reality, it can throw up some challenges. That’s why we were so impressed by Ultralift’s ease of installation. You can assemble it in less than an hour with just three tools. A drill, screwdriver and an adjustable spanner and you’re there.

“The speed and ease of installation is due in part to Ultralift’s installer-friendly features, such as its patented sliding mounting brackets that make it virtually impossible to make a mistake during installation.”

To find out more about how Ultralift, or any of the products in the Essentials Collection, can help your business, call 01271 378100 or email [email protected]