We’re all on the same team.

Golden Coast has been competing in the wet leisure market for 42 years now and I’m proud to say that we are doing well.

It’s a game we enjoy and one we play as a team, not just within our business but with you, as well. We like to make strong relationships with our customers; we like to team up with them.

One of the things about teamwork is that people share common goals. We want to grow our business and we know that the best way to do that is to help you grow yours. To do that, we need to know how we can best help so our sales team will spend as much time listening to you as they will talking.

Increasingly we are selling products that need to be carefully spec’d to each individual installation. Dura heat pumps, GC Hub Control Panels and GC Crystal dosing systems all need to be exactly right for the pool or spa that they are going in and so that process begins with us listening carefully to what the job details are.

We listen out for what our customers themselves define as good customer service; everybody seems to want something a little bit different. Perhaps you want regular contact, perhaps you would rather we waited for you to call us. A good team respects and appreciates the differences amongst the people who are in it.

We listen to what you think would be the best ways for us to help you win and one of the things that often comes up is training. Water treatment, heating and automation are all areas of the wet leisure industry where new technology is going forward in leaps and bounds. We run training sessions here in Barnstaple where we can make sure that you know everything that you need to know; how to sell the product, how to install it and how to maintain it.

With some of the products we supply we can go a stage further. With products such as Del Automatic covers and Tylo saunas we regularly take groups of customers on factory visits where you can really get under the skin of what that particular supplier has to offer. Of course these trips are also good team building sessions and can, apparently, be rather good fun.

Be a good sport

Whenever you talk about team building or team players, it never seems to be long until some sporting analogy or other surfaces, which led me to think about another aspect of the team here in Barnstaple.

There’s a school of thought that says people who are health conscious, people who exercise or play sports or have some activity that they find stress busting are also more likely to also enjoy the benefits of pools, spas and saunas.

Golden Coast employs 33 people and pretty much all of them appreciate and participate in the benefits of wet leisure; they swim, they soak and they sweat.

But that’s not all they do.

Apart from all the gym bunnies, there are 3 marathon runners, 2 boxers and a black belt in Ikedo, a golfer and a scuba diver, 7 cyclists and a triathlete, a silver medallist in shooting and a stock car driver. It appears to me that #Team GC is a lot more active than the average and I wonder if those two things are connected. It would be nice to think they were.

Team building

We are on your side, we are here to help, so if you are interested in any of the training opportunities that are coming up, or you would like some specific training for you and your staff, please just get in touch and we can organise something.

In fact, if there is anything that #Team GC can do to help you and your business win, please just ask; we’re all on the same team.