A water saving innovation

As the Government’s interest in water wastage from private swimming pools becomes a more significant issue, so the amount of water used in the day to day running of a pool needs to be controlled using products like the MultiCylone as it can save just under 60% of the water traditionally lost through backwashing.

Easy installation

Used as a pre-filter and fitted in-line between a standard pool pump and the main sand or cartridge filter, the MultiCyclone can be installed during the construction of a pool or retro-fitted to an existing system.

Requiring no power to run and having no moving parts to wear out, incoming water to the MultiCyclone passes over a diverter plate and enters multiple hydro cyclones that generate a strong centrifugal effect.

Trapping dirt

As the water swirls, sediment of up to 100 microns in size is spun out and spirals down before being trapped in the sump. At the same time, the cleaned water spirals up and out of the MultiCyclone before passing through the main filter. Captured sediment is then removed simply by opening a valve and flushing it away using just 15 litres of water

Saving water

Capable of saving more than 7,000 liters of valuable water each year, reducing filter maintenance and extending the life of the media, the MultiCylone has to be one of the greatest innovations to be introduced to the Wet Leisure Industry in the past decade.