Breathe new life into old pools.

Swimming pools can and should continue to be a source of income long after installation.

To help you profit from this often overlooked market, we’re offering you the opportunity to benefit from a free, customised brochure that illustrates the way your customers can improve the look, feel and maintenance of their pool.

Entitled ‘Ideas and inspiration for improving your pool’, the glossy, full-colour brochure highlights the ways that pools can be more eco-friendly and energy efficient.

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The brochure can be branded, free of charge, with your contact details and logo – immediately equipping your business with a professional-looking brochure specifically developed to encourage customers to upgrade.

As customers demand greener and leaner technologies, so this brochure inspires them with products that will reduce their carbon footprint… and the associated running costs making it easier for you to sell products such as DURA+ heat pumps and Spectravision LED lighting.

The brochure also suggests retrofit ideas which save time and effort on pool maintenance such as DEL automatic pool covers, Multi Cyclone pre-filter units and automatic pool cleaners.

This initiative is one of many ways in which Golden Coast is working to support our trade customers to help ensure your success; after all, when you succeed, we succeed too.

To find out more about how you can have this new brochure personalised for your business contact us here or call the sales office on 01271 378100