Calorex leads the way

Buying a cheap heat pump often sounds like a great deal but chances are that over time it will cost a lot more by way of poor performance, higher running costs and component failures.

Produced by Calorex, Pro-Pac heat pumps are specifically designed for the UK climate and offer a range of key benefits including;

Key features

  • 3 year parts and labour warranty
  • Purpose designed components for swimming pool heating
  • Can be installed either outdoors or in a plant room
  • High efficiency spiral wound tube in tube Titanium condenser
  • Water flow switch
  • Leading brand rotary scroll compressors
  • Pool pumps synchronisation control
  • Remote thermostat options
  • Capacities from 8 – 22kw
  • Choice of single or three phase
  • Soft start options
  • Nationwide service

Intelligent water heating

With a time clock facility fitted as standard, the Pro-Pac heat pump can be set to operate alongside the filtration cycle via standard time clock (not supplied) Periodically the Pro Pac will start the circulation pump for a sampling period and if there is a demand, will continue to run or if demand is met, the circulation pump and heat pump will turn off making use of the heat pump even more efficient.