Control panels and automation for swimming pools.

Pool equipment is now more complicated than it has ever been and pool owners expect far more automation and simpler, even remote, control over their pool’s functions. They are looking to spend less time maintaining their pool; control panels and dosing systems are the way to satisfy that wish.

Home automation, when it comes to heating and lighting, is now an accepted part of many people’s lives and they welcome similar principles when it comes to running their pool or spa.

Swimming pool electrical and equipment control panels.

Changes in the equipment and lighting associated with a pool or spa have, to a large extent, motivated the increase in automation. A simple on/off switch cannot control variable speed pumps and programmable LED lighting.

Once those technologies and others like them are installed in a domestic or commercial pool it makes sense to specify and install a control panel that can run them.

‘Off the shelf’ control panels are available but this often mean that you are paying for features that you don’t need or are short of control options for your specific installation.

Custom made control panels designed and produced by Golden Coast.

GC PanelControl systems are tailored to meet the needs of individual projects; absolutely nothing is off the shelf. Each control panel is built specifically for that customer and their particular installation; from a basic water top-up control for a domestic pool to multiple bodies of water on a commercial project. As such, they are available as either single or three-phase units.

Each panel design starts with an efficient specification process that has been developed to save time and money. This quickly establishes what equipment needs to be controlled, so that a custom-fit solution can be created. All the design and build work is done in-house; nothing is farmed out.

Equipment controlled by the panel doesn’t have to be limited to pumps and filtration; lighting, heating and air handling can just as easily be run from the GC PanelControl panel.

The majority of units are spec’d with a high-definition IP65 touch screen control but other options are, of course, available.

Crystal Chemical Dosing systems from Golden Coast.

Independent studies indicate that as many as 25% of domestic pools in the UK are insufficiently chlorinated. This is hardly surprising when you think of the amount of constant time an effort that goes into manually monitoring and controlling a pool’s water quality.

Chemical dosing systems provide an affordable solution to ensuring efficient, effective and automatic water management allowing owners to get the maximum enjoyment from their pool.

There are dosing solutions to suit every type of installation and size of budget.

The Crystal system is an equipment range and technical support package that offers the latest in automated water treatment. Crystal is appropriate to both pool refurbishments and new builds and the dosing pumps give proportional pH and sanitiser addition making them suitable for bodies of water of all sizes.

Crystal’s team of experienced engineers are equipped to handle the whole process from conducting a free on-site survey to specifying equipment and service requirements right through to delivering a planned maintenance schedule.

The top-of-the-range, Crystal Pro is an all in one solution offering pH and free chlorine monitoring. The twin channel controller offers a variety of outputs, such as on/off, proportional and PWM (simulated proportional using on/off pumps) operating modes, making it ideal for connecting to remote or existing dosing pumps.

From the Crystal Pro to the Crystal Eco, there are six core systems in the Crystal range.

How to specify a pool control panel or dosing system.

Golden Coast had been involved with selling, designing and building dosing systems and control panels for many years now.

With Crystal we offer a site survey, installation and commissioning service as part of the package.

The design and build process for a GC PanelControl system begins with our established specification process.

We have a dedicated team with the experience to know what questions to ask and what solutions can be offered to provide your client with the best possible result. In certain circumstances, we are also available to give on-site support during installation.

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