Be alternative

Golden Coast can provide chlorine-free automatic self-contained in-line ‘FROG’ water treatment centres for both large and small domestic pools for owners keen to maintain ideal water condition throughout the season. With no need for electricity or extra plumbing the system has a major green credential.

In addition, MyPool B is a simple ‘no nonsense’ intuitive touch pad controller with user-friendly menu, set-up and operation for domestic swimming pools that automatically controls pH, the most critical element of water balance or sanitizer levels. Easy to install and even easier to use, My POOL B will pump acid, alkali or sanitizer solutions to make water maintenance easy and cost effective.

Easy operation

In the commercial arena is the ‘Autodos 2000’ range of automatic dosing control systems. Developed for ease of operation, Autodos continually controls and manages water quality to ensure optimum condition is achieved and maintained, whilst at the same time reducing to a minimum chemical consumption.

There are more than 30 different ‘off-the-shelf’ Autodos models available, either supplied as individual components or board-mounted and pre-plumbed, with all electrical connections and sensors in place, ready to be installed. In addition, it is possible to custom-design a unit to meet the specific needs of a particular facility.

Also meeting the wide range of needs of commercial users is the cost-saving Etatron DLX microcontroller dosing pump system for swimming pools up to 600 cubic metre capacity, exclusively available from Golden Coast.

Optional control & flexibility

Available for either pH or Redox applications, the DLX provides users with a variety of optional flow-rate control and regulation settings. The on/off proportional operational modes provide flexibility of dosing and a -1000 to +1400mV measuring range available on Redox units. The kits come with a pH or Redox probe, probe holder, saddle clamp, dosing hose and buffer solution(s).

Manufactured from mica-filled anti-acid Polypropylene, the pump operates at a maximum of 120 strokes per minute to ensure check valve stability, preventing backflow as well as preventing overheating.

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